Designed in Australia - 100% Handmade in Turkey

Take a touch of Turkish culture with you wherever you go. Lightweight, highly absorbent and quick drying, a Raven's Landing handloomed peshtemal is the perfect addition to your travel, beach or gym bag. Simply irresistible in style and incomparable in quality.
Raven's Landing - Authentic Turkish Towel - The Slow Fashion Towel

Our Turkish peshtemals are handloomed by master craftsmen using hand-sourced and locally dyed materials. We only work directly with local ateliers where intense attention and detail is given to each step of the creation process. The art of handlooming is a unique cultural tradition in Turkey. Our belief is, we can honour and support this age old tradition by personally engaging with the artisans and providing global exposure for this wonderful towel through Raven's Landing.

What is a Peshtemal?

Traditional handloomed Turkish peshtemals are known for their superior quality and luxurious style. Dating back hundreds of years, peshtemals were the staple towels used in Turkish Baths. To this day, they are still used but mass commercialisation of the manufacturing process means traditional ateliers are few and far between.

At Raven's Landing, we've spent over two years developing deep working relationships with a select number of local ateliers to do our part in embracing this precious craft and supporting their livelihood in doing so.

Raven's Landing Handmade Turkish Peshtemal - Pattern on the warp

Working in direct collaboration with Turkish artisans, Raven's Landing provides a meaningful way for discerning lovers of authentic artisan products who are scattered around the world, to connect with Turkish culture.

Our Australian-based designs provide a modern twist to this traditional art, reflecting an eclectic mix of colours and patterns gathered from our own intrepid travels. The most telling aspect of the Raven's Landing design is that the pattern is on the warp, a clear sign that our towels are not mass produced.

Each thread must be precisely placed for creating the pattern on the warp; a skill passed down through seven generations of master Turkish weavers. The heart and soul of this Turkish tradition has literally been woven through the very fabric of each towel. This is unlike commercial weaving that creates a pattern on the weft for ease and mass production.

Meet The Founder

Weaving her way through the bustling streets of provedores and merchants, Raven's Landing founder, Jacklyn Wyer, hustles against the crowd with her cart of yarn and linen. A proponent of slow fashion, she chooses to do business as the locals do. Keeping in the spirit of how the local merchants operate, Jacklyn spends hours and days scouring piles of local hand dyed materials at the local markets, searching for the perfect patterns and styles for her designs.

Having first travelled to Turkey in 2012 to live and work, Jackie quickly developed a deep respect and fondness for the raw and unapologetic Turkish way of life. Beckoned by the allure of Turkish craftsmanship, she fell in love with the earthy style of handmade peshtemals. She would often package them up to send home as souvenirs for friends and family. In her eyes, it was the perfect way to encapsulate the Turkish culture she deeply loved.

Raven's Landing - Founder Jacklyn Wyer - Handmade Turkish Towels

Jackie went on to study for a year in Milan, Italy, so she could gain more insight into the fashion industry while maintaining a close proximity to Turkey. Representing a new generation of social entrepreneurs, hoping to blend her experience working within the fashion industry in Milan, with her love for the Turkish way of life.

Raven's Landing - Handmade Turkish Peshtemals - Jacklyn Wyer In working closely with the ateliers, Jacklyn and her team are able to integrate, collaborate, communicate and exchange cultural experiences to bring their craft forth to the global stage. Like a raven delivering a message, as the name suggests, Raven's Landing emphasises the importance of keeping this art form alive in the midst a noisy globalised marketplace of mass production by sharing the stories of the local craftspeople. Many local families rely on their hand-weaving trade to sustain a livelihood and it underpins a beautiful part of Turkish culture so easily forgotten about.